Wolff Landscape Architecture, Inc. is a landscape architecture firm in Chicago. Our broad practice areas include planning, landscape architecture, streetscape and urban design, and historic landscape preservation. Project types include parks and recreation, natural areas, high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise housing, streetscapes and plazas, high-rise office buildings, office parks and corporate campuses, college and university campuses, lifestyle, big box, specialty and other retail, a variety of commercial projects, hotels, and historic landscapes.

The firm’s clients include public agencies, developers, colleges and universities, institutions, park districts and departments, and our fellow professionals, including architects and engineers.

The senior staff has decades of combined experience, and we also have specialized project knowledge and experience that enables us to provide services on a wide variety of project types. We are involved on many complex projects with large interdisciplinary teams, and understand the collaboration that is required to work with the client, architects, engineers, other consultants, government, the community, and others. At its best we believe that an interdisciplinary team working together is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.


Planning creates the framework for the physical organization of natural and manmade systems, and allows the other design disciplines to proceed from a common starting point.  Our planning services include land planning, feasibility studies, master planning, zoning applications, and related services.

Streetscape and urban design requires an understanding of a project’s place in the larger context as well as the ability to resolve the goals and interests of government, developers, special interests, and the public. Our goal is to make urban spaces attractive and inviting to users, and to consider not only formal elements of design but also the subjective aspect, i.e., why would a person choose to use a space?

Landscape architecture integrates human activities and development with natural and urban environments. We are passionate about the difference thoughtful site planning, site design, and planting design, using the best design practices available, can make in the built and natural environments and in the lives of people.

Historic landscape preservation is an area where success may be measured by adherence to the ideas of others. While strict restoration is often difficult, it is our goal to be as faithful as possible and appropriate to original intent, modified as required by the constraints of an altered site, contemporary versus historical technology, an evolving program, and the constraints of budgets.